Fit Pit Elevator Systems, LLC is proud to introduce the Fit Pit System.

This revolutionary water abatement system is designed to solve the elevator world’s problem of wet pits. The patented Fit Pit System eliminates water intrusion by capturing the water before it can enter the pit and redirecting it to a collection site, keeping the pit completely dry.

Video Provided by Blue Ox Pictures


  • Eliminates water intrusion
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by inhibiting mold and volatile toxins (Link to 60 Minutes "Indoor Air Quality" video)
  • Reduces risk of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) (Link to 60 Minutes "Indoor Air Quality" video)
  • Ideal for water protection of Fire Safety Access Elevator (FSAE)
  • Improves safety by minimizing need to enter pit
  • Complies with state codes by locating system outside of the pit (e.g. CA, MN)
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Reduces water related damage and wear of elevator components
  • Lowers elevator down time related to pit cleaning
  • Monitors presence of oil in pit for use in predicting need for preventative maintenance